First lets start off with how much I love this purse, I loved my black bucket bag

but currently this is my go to everyday bag its the perfect size,

spacious, with lots of places to keep things (peep similar style here).

Also, my bag is never this organized, there’s usually heaps of receipts in every corner,

but I’m trying to quit that habit.

My number one product that’s

a must have is a lipgloss or any lip product because I hate the feeling of dry

lips. Secondly, I always have perfume of some sort my two fave’s LaVieEstBelle and L’eau by Prada.

I have these mini perfume bottles I put them in, they’re very convenient.

I like carrying my Sephora or Nars concealer especially on those lazy days when I

don’t want to do full face but I want very minimal coverage and to look like a normal human.

There was one time, I was out at a restaurant and I think

something streaked my cheek and wiped my makeup off, and I didn’t notice until

way later, so it’s better safe than looking unblended. Along the lines of makeup,

brow fixer-uper’s, and mascara never miss a spot in my bag.

*P.S I like food, so if you ever reach into my bag you’ll 11/10 times find Curate bars or some snack.

 Purse  FrancoSarto

Lipgloss  Sephora & Here

Concealers  NARS & Sephora

Fragrances  Lancome (and here) & Prada (plus here)


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