The Best of 2020 Plus Intentions for 2021

2020 was quite the year, I don't think there's even a word that could possibly describe it. Nonetheless, personally it was a year of opportunity, self-reflection, and growth in so many aspects. I'll try to make this post short and sweet starting with the best of 2020.


1. co-creator for


At the start of the year I joined the Express team as a Co-Creator! This opportunity couldn't have come at a more perfect time. It's been a year long challenging process and after many online meetings and many samples the first collection came to life in November!

Thank you so much to so many of you who made this drop a success and for the many encouraging and supportive messages. You can check it out here.

Preview The Collection

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2. time well


Despite 2020 being such a tumultuous year, there was so much good that came from it.

For me what I cherished the most was how much time I got to spend with my sister. We cooked together, went on mini adventures together, and we had deep meaningful conversations that ended with both of us in tears. So much growth happened during this period, and I'm so thankful for that.

2020 also allowed me to strip myself of other people's ideas of me and just be. I rediscovered what I valued, wanted, and what I can no longer sacrifice/compromise.

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3. moving forward

with intention

Words for 2021: discipline, intention, present

2021 has already brought a whole different energy for me. I feel restored, renewed, and ready. My plan for this year is to practice discipline which based on my life audit from last year I really lacked in that department. Looking back, I was all over the place and I really disliked that version of myself.

This year I am placing boundaries on everything. If it disturbs my peace or does not respect my boundaries it cannot stay in my life. I'm hoping the more I practice these things the more at peace I will be, and I am ready for it!

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