A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Whew! Let me see if I can write this post without crying. Valentine's Day over the past few years has been a day that I don't look forward to, mainly because I'm reminded of all the magical Valentine's day from my formative years that I no longer have.

A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day © CetteDame 2019
A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day © CetteDame 2019

Growing up, most of us had the experience of decorating little gift boxes or bags to take to school and exchange candy along with little notes with our classmates on Valentine's Day. An even fonder memory for me was Valentine's Day when we got home from school. Every year, we would go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. My dad, along with buying Valentine's Day gifts for my mom, would also buy them for my sister and I. I guess I get my hopeless romanticism from him. I still have a teddy he got me in 2006 at home.

G E T  T H E  L O O K

I'm now older, single, and for the first time in a long time I'm going to celebrate the holiday. Valentine's Day this year is going to be amazing!, and here's why:

From Me to Me

I used to hear this saying all the time and I used to think it was complete bs until now; Date yourself!

We're often sold the idea that dating is for couples but the truth is, it isn't! This Valentine's day, I'll have the day off, so we're going to a 9 am pilates class at Pilates Barre. I've also booked a massage, a manicure with Lena at my go to spa, and will spend the day doing and eating all our favorite things with my girl friends. Later in the evening, The Group Chat* is having a movie date which has actually turned into a yearly tradition. It's going to be a great day to say the least!

*The Group Chat: the go to group of friends for all the laughs, entertainment, and good/bad advice!

A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day © CetteDame 2019


  1. 02 . 12 . 2019 /

    Love your attitude girl! Self-love should come all first on Valentine’s Day 🙂 You look amazing in this orange dress <3
    xx, Carmen – https://carmitive.com

    • Diana
      02 . 13 . 2019 /

      Thank you Carmen! I hope you have a lovely valentine’s day! x

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