I tried to be inclusive of everything I enjoyed in NYC. Although I feel like I didn’t get enough to time to thoroughly enjoy the city there were still some spots that made my stay worth while.

Soho was everything a girl could dream of. Food. Endless stretch of clothing stores. Wine. Street Art. Music. Laughter. I wish I was able to go to every store but all that walking was just not happening for me. I did get a few things from Topshop, and some of the really nice boutiques that were there.

We also made a stop in Brooklyn. I can’t lie I was a little bias about the city and thought I had to be a hood chick to fit in, but you don’t. Brooklyn is just interesting in itself, they also have good food there

Madison Square Garden is just aweing especially at night. We also saw where The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon is hosted which was cool. * I kid you not as soon as we rolled into Madison Square Garden, that one song by Alicia Keys and Jayz about how the NY lights will inspire you and make you feel brand new started playing. And guess what we did- rolled down the window, let the cold air in and jammed out!

The one thing I do not miss about NewYork though is the reckless drivers, when it comes to driving the concept of southern hospitality is nonexistent.


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  1. 11 . 24 . 2015 /


    Awesome post.

    I have just come across your blog via Twitter and so happy I did.
    I loved the images and the article.
    NY is high on my list of must Travel Too places right now. With it and Thailand propping up in every direction I do.

    I think I heard something about the Jimmy Fallon show being free to watch, ie seat fill? Do you know anything about that? I would literally plan half my trip around that. Massive fan.

    Cant wait to explore more of your Blog. Love the layout too.
    You can find me on Twitter at @CeecesTravel if you’d like to see what I am up to in South Africa and what not. (I’ll prob find you first, lol)


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