Milanese Adventures Lead to Lago di Como

Milanese to Lago di Como Summer Adventure © CetteDame 2019

Italy was actually never part of our summer plans. As exciting as country hopping is, it's also very exhausting! The plan was to limit the amount of countries we travel to so we can spend more time in each one.

Milanese to Lago di Como Summer Adventure © CetteDame 2019


to Lago di Como

Against my anxiety and better judgement I moved a few things around and made it our first stop.

I called Judith almost every night, seeking reassurance that adding this stop is feasible. "You know how we travel... we can definitely do it". Being that her and I are almost always on the same frequency, her response silenced my doubts.

G E T  T H E  L O O K

Milan on a Sunday is very peaceful. In the previous travel post I mentioned it rained every day. I'm a pluviophile, therefore I was in my element. I also was bold enough to wear white while it was raining. We wandered the town, and managed to capture a few photos. We had dinner at a restaurant that served the best lasagna I've ever had. We stopped at the street markets, and picked up fresh strawberries, and oranges that we later indulged in. After a few days of Milanese adventures, we hopped on a train that took us through the ever so beautiful Lago di Como.

Milanese to Lago di Como Summer Adventure © CetteDame 2019
Milanese to Lago di Como Summer Adventure © CetteDame 2019

The first time I heard of Lago di Como was on the show The Blacklist. It was portrayed as a place where only the rich "billionaire boy's club" type of people vacation.

I remember thinking to myself, "I'd probably never get to experience a place like that ever in my life". Who would have thought our Milanese adventures would bring us here.! When we got to Como, to be honest, I didn't know where we were. I looked around and just thought to myself 'wow this is beautiful, let me take a picture'. Thankfully iPhones have geotagging, and when I tapped the photo to see the details, the location said Como.

My eyes were open so wide, I was scared that if I blink too much I will lose this view. My scattered thoughts circled around the phrase "be still my beating heart", enjoy this moment, live in this moment, this is your life. I realized that day that no matter what things, situations, or places might be portrayed as, you get to create your own truth, reality and ideas of those things. So, the next time I visit Italy, I definitely plan to spend a lot more time at Lago di Como. Hopefully there will be a bit more sunshine as well!

Milanese to Lago di Como Summer Adventure © CetteDame 2019


  1. 07 . 23 . 2019 /

    What a great look babe! I love your jacket!

    • Diana
      07 . 23 . 2019 /

      Thank you Claudia, it’s a great staple and can be easily styled with anything! xx

  2. 07 . 23 . 2019 /

    The lago de Como is still in my bucket list, I have just entertained my eyes with pictures of the beautiful views. Your outfit is so so beautiful and creative! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Diana
      07 . 24 . 2019 /

      Thank you so much Natalia, I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Como is a beautiful town, definitely worth a visit! xx

    • Diana
      07 . 31 . 2019 /

      Thank you so much Tina! xx

    • Diana
      08 . 12 . 2019 /

      Thank you love! xx

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