Hello lovely, happy Sunday! Today’s post isn’t a usual style post, I’m just sharing my Sunday with you. On Sunday’s, my sister and I have a tradition of trying out different cafés.

This morning we were planning on going to a different café but when we got there it was closed, but we ended up finding this old little city town which was so gorgeous. That’s where the first photo was taken. We ended up trying a different cafe -Black Walnut Café. This café is in my top five for sure. When we got there, this super nice gentleman opened the door for us. I think he was either the manager or the owner. May I point out that the interior of this place is so beautifully decorated, something I noticed is that they don’t play music in the café, I’m a sucker for some good background music. Everything is cooked fresh which was awesome. The service is also fast which I loved because I was starving. The presentation was beautiful. I should warn you, that the portion sizes are not French portion sizes the pancakes were huge but other than that I definitely recommend this place. After that we went to the lake to see the water levels, it’s 18″ above the normal level, and the trees around it are submerged under the lake. These flash floods are not a joke. I then went and bought a plant. Well, I hope you have an amazing memorial weekend, stay safe. See you next time. {Disclaimer: I have finals this week, so my Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday posting schedule will be on hold until next week hopefully.} 


P.s what are you doing/ what did you do this memorial weekend? 



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