New York, New York what’s good! Were here finally! The best thing about traveling is going with someone

that you know you’re going to have a lot of fun with, and eat a lot of things with, so my sister and my cousin

were the perfect people to enjoy this week with. I don’t think there could

have been a more perfect person to go on this adventure with other than them.  

I love this place, but getting out of the airport is probably the most confusing situation, everything is so looped, we got lost twice but we figured it out. We stopped to have dinner at this tiny old school dinner like the one from Another Cinderella Story. The place looked amazing and so vintage. The food is made from scratch, so even though the wait was long, it was pretty delicious. I’m a flavorful person but I appreciated the simplicity of their food. Oh, and their portions are huge we barely ate 1/4 of it, I guess that’s New York for ya. Weather wise, it’s not that cold here it’s but the wind that makes it feel like its 30 degrees. I’m so excited to try new places, see cool thing, and just be inspired by the city.


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