I wanted to share the hottest and I mean HOTTEST restaurants

in the Dallas metroplex; if you live or are visiting the area you’ll need this.





F L O W E R  C H I L D

The mac&cheese at this place is sooooo good, and very vegan. It’s a farm to table restaurant so everything is very fresh, organic, and super healthy. There’s also another place called TRUE FOODS which is very similar to Flower Child and they have the BEST coconut curry in the area. Another restaurant to try is SIXTY VINES, I think they change their menu seasonally but their Angel food cake french toast will have you on the floor, and their tomato basil pizza is also really yummy!



















T H E   T A B L E

This is another farm to table restaurant. This place is located in Flower Mound, but it is beyond worthy of making the trip out here to experience the food. Make SURE you TRY the PEROGIES, it will change your life! I took my mom here for her birthday and she was like “wow, what are these called?”





















C R U S H   C R A F T

Do NOT leave Dallas before making a stop at this place! I didn’t know I LOVED Thai food until Judith and I stumbled upon this place. Nowadays we gladly make that hour drive to get Pad thai and veggie rolls.



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