#CDChronicles – How Much Does it Cost to Run A Fashion Blog?

For the last month, I have accounted for every penny spent in order to run a fashion blog, more specifically this fashion blog. Bank statements, are literally the most scary statements to look at, if you disagree we can't be friends. Just kidding! Bank statements tell you the truth about your spending habits that you've been oblivious to, and some of us-me- can't handle that kind of honesty, lol. I did expect the total to be a little high, but I was still a little shook.

Like everything else in the world, to be able to Grow you have to Invest a bit more.

Also, I'd like to point out that the following numbers are based on part-time blogger status. I post once a week, sometimes twice depending on how many projects I've taken on for the month.

Secondly, there are different types of fashion, fast fashion, relatable fashion, luxe fashion, couture fashion, and I personally dab between fast and luxe fashion, which definitely plays a significant role in my spending.

Cost to Run this Fashion Blog © CetteDame 2018

Clothing Featured in Posts:

The Framework, Hosting, Equipment:

- Hosting  24.99   - Adobe Stock  15.99   -New SD Card  34.99

Total: $ 75.97

Bluehost has been my hosting site since making the switch from blogger. They are super reliable and easy to reach. I've had multiple experiences where I've crashed my blog and they were able to quickly reinstate my site.

- Fifth Label Coat, Cupcakes&Cashmere Dress, Boots, Mackage, Tibi Skirt, Corduroy Trousers, Love Thy Earth tee, Silk blouse

Total: $ 1491

Some purchases were sponsored, and some reimbursed from the brand as part of the collaboration. One brand I worked with last month blew my mind and surprised me with a thank you gift. Which brings about a question that I wanted to find out how my fellow bloggers felt about the topic: When completing a collaboration do you feel as if brands should send thank you's-not necessarily as a gift- to bloggers they work with or should it be vice versa?

Cost to Run this Fashion Blog © CetteDame 2018

G E T  T H E  L O O K

Cost to Run this Fashion Blog © CetteDame 2018

Travel And Accommodations:

All the posts from last month were shot in New York City. To further breakdown the travel costs, a round trip to NYC cost about 292.36. We also had a car while in the city which added about $ 60 to transportation costs. Uber and taxis cost about $30. Our hotel stay cost $ 492(thank God for booking.com). One major tip if you plan on making a trip to NYC, if you can, avoid using a personal car. Luckily, our hotel was in the perfect location, just a few walkable blocks from all the stops on our agenda.

Total : $ 844.36

Total Month Cost: $2441.33

I truly commend full-time fashion bloggers because whew I can only imagine what it costs to do this full time.

Would you be interested in more blog business related posts, such as how to make money from blogging, how to create long term relationships with brands, LLC's-a step I'm considering taking in the upcoming months-, legal compliance's?



    • Diana
      11 . 25 . 2018 /

      Thank you Rachael, I too love reading posts like this from other bloggers, it’s very insightful! x

  1. 11 . 26 . 2018 /

    I wish more bloggers brought up this topic! It’s quite pricey to do blogging full time.

    • Diana
      12 . 15 . 2018 /

      I agree! I appreciate bloggers that have this type of transparency it gives a lot of perspective, and helps you plan for future endeavors! x

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